Visualization With Tableau

Course Structure

Course Objectives

Learn the art of storytelling from data. Learn communication of insights through reporting, dashboarding & infographics using Excel & Tableau. Effective communication of insights to business stakeholders is critical for the success of any analytics solution. One can not call oneself a complete analytics professional if he/she doesn't have data visualization skills. This program focuses on two aspects to help you become a visualization expert -
(A) Fundamentals of design principles & effective communication
(B) Mastery of dashboarding tool - Tableau.

As part of the program you will work on real-life case studies on dashboard building. You will work on multiple assignments, case studies and practice exercises to hone your skills.

Excel is widely used even today for reporting, dashboarding & insight communication. This program includes bonus sessions on how we can use Excel to build effective dashboards

At the end of the course you will be able to design effective reports + dashboards + infographics, define data model, use Excel & Tableau to build dashboards and share it with business managers

Course duration: 132 hours
Mode: Classroom / Online Instructor Led through Virtual classroom

Key Features

  • 32 hours of instructor led live training on weekends
  • Hand-on practice on 8 real life dashboards
  • Access to LEAP - our analytics learning platform
  • Personal attention from faculty
  • Performance evaluation
  • Placement assistance
  • 100 hours of self learning
  • Practice exercises and assignments to enhance skills
  • Faculties from IIT/IIMs with rich industry experience
  • Full access to video lectures for self paced learning
  • 100% moneyback guarantee
  • Internship opportunity to work on dashboarding & insight generation projects
Design principles
Ten chart design principles. Ten chart types and where to use them (Line, Column, clustered column, stacked column, pie, bar, area, combination, scatter, bubble)
Hours = 2
Case Study = Insight generation through visualization
Assignment = Practice Excercises + Doubt Clearing + Answers
Tool = Excel
Data Visualization using Excel
Conditional formatting. Sparklines. Graphs. Using symbols. Camera tool
Hours = 2
Case Study = Insight generation through visualization
Assignment = Practice Excercises + Doubt Clearing + Answers
Tool = Excel
Advanced dashboard components
Charts that show trends. Grouping & bucketing data. Displaying performance against target
Hours = 2
Case Study = Insight generation through visualization
Assignment = Practice Excercises + Doubt Clearing + Answers
Tool = Excel
Building interactive dashboards using Excel
Form. Button. Check box. Options button. Combo box. List box control. Many views of a chart. Chart data with drop down selector. Multiple charts with one selector
Hours = 4
Case Study = Insight generation through visualization
Assignment = Practice Excercises + Doubt Clearing + Answers
Tool = Excel
Tableau - Fundamentals
Tableau overview. Importing data & connecting data. Challenges in importing and connecting data. Basic charts like Line, Bar, Area etc.
Hours = 6
Case Study = Access a retailer data & build a dashboard to answer business questions
Assignment = Build your own dashboard
Tool = Tableau
Tableau - Functions and components
Date and time functions, String Functions and Logical functions. Hierarchies, Sets, Groups, Bins. Building a Dashboard. Layout and Formatting. Interactivity with Actions. Best Practices in dashboarding.
Hours = 6
Case Study = Build a dashbaord for retail category management
Assignment = Build your own dashboard
Tool = Tableau
Tableau - All about maps
Geocoding and Mapping in Tableau. Latitude and Longitude. Filled Maps. Symbol Maps. Difference Between Joining and Blending Data.
Hours = 6
Case Study = Build a store analysis and management dashboard
Assignment = Build your own dashboard
Tool = Tableau
Building your own infographics
Introduction to infographics. Types of infographics. Best design practices of building your infographics. Structure of an infographic. Steps to building an infographic. Tools and resources.
Hours = 4
Case Study = Building an infographic on customer profile
Assignment = Build your own infographic on loyalty management
Tool = Tableau

Is this course for you?

You should take this course if you are a:

  • Student (UG/PG) & want to build data visualization skills to become a complete analytics professional
  • BI professional or data analysts looking for upgrading their skills
  • Job seeker who wants to get started in analytics
  • Analytics professional who wants to gain skills to add visualization layer on their analytics solutions
  • Enthusiast who has genuine interest in data led story telling

What are the pre-requisites of the course?

Beginner level Microsoft Excel knowledge will be helpful. The course starts by focussing on building a strong foundation of fundamentals & moves on to advanced aspects to provide a comprehensive understanding.

At the end of the course you will be entitled to Simplify Analytics 'Data visualization with Tableau' Certificate, provided you fulfil the following terms:

  • Completion and submission of at least 3 projects/case studies
  • Attend at least 85% of the sessions
  • Clear the final test by minimum 60% marks
What is the mode of this training course?
Classroom & Online instructor led. Classroom sessions are held at multiple training centres located in Delhi-NCR region. Live online sessions are conducted through our "Virtual Classroom". This will allow you to attend the course remotely from anywhere through your desktop/laptop/tablet/smartphone. Video recording of each session is provided at the end of live session.
Do I need to have computer programming background to take the course?
No, you don’t need to have a programming background to learn analytics. The program has been designed in a way that it starts from scratch and makes it easier to learn for everyone.
What if I miss a class?
You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch. You can also use the video recording of the session you missed.
What kind of placement assistance is offered by Simplify Analytics?
We are committed to getting you placed. All our courses include - Real life projects + Internship + Certificate + Interview QnA + Resume building & sharing + Job search guidance + Interview call assistance.
What if I still have doubts after attending a live session?
You can retake a class as many times as you wish across multiple batches. Also, we conduct separate doubt clearing sessions to help our students. We make sure that you understand all the concepts and are able to build solutions.
What if I want to cancel my enrollment post registration? Will I get a refund?
Yes, we have a 100% money back policy which allows you to cancel your enrollment after the first two classes (before third class). If you are not satisfied from the program, all your money will be refunded back to you.
What are system requirements?
You will require a laptop or workstation with a minimum 2 GB RAM & i3 processor (or equivalent) to practice & submit assignments. No constraint on OS.
Thank you for choosing "Visualization with Tableau" Training Program

Course reviews
  1. Simplify Analytics - Course reviews
    5.00 out of 5

    Vaibhav Nellore

    Very knowledgeable!! Asks stimulating questions..Jaydeep is too good at explaining ideas; well designed course with great content.

  2. Simplify Analytics - Course reviews
    5.00 out of 5

    Rohit Kumar

    Great teaching techniques help you dwell into the field of analytics. would really recommend to anyone looking for a career in analytics