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Introducing LEAP - Learning Environment for Analytics Professional. You can now access LEAP - your anytime, anywhere interactive learning companion. LEAP allows us to deliver engaging & motivating training through interactive content, videos, assignments & real time doubt clearing. You can learn, practise, track performance, interact with faculty & enjoy a streamlined learning process.

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Simplify Analytics - Training
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Simplify Analytics - Training
Simplify Analytics - Training
Simplify Analytics - Training

How do we partner with our students?

The trainings we provide focuses on real-life analytics solution building skills. Our content & delivery is structured to help students from even non-programming & non-statistics background.
Every topic is taught in three steps -

  • Theoretical foundation is laid. Imagery & analogies used for concept clarity.
  • Build analytics solution from theory using real business problems & data.
  • Hone skills through structured guidance, assignments & real life case works.

Getting an opportunity to participate & apply newly learnt skills in real life solution building is always a challenge for a beginner. We address this by partnering with the students in 3 ways -

  • Internship - Solve interesting problems & learn to build stories from data
  • Consulting - Work on client projects & help us solve real business problems
  • App Development - Contribute to our plug-n-play analytics delivery platform

Inspite of growing analytics job opportunities, it can be challenging at times for students to find the right job. We partner our students in 4 ways to help them reach their goal -

  • Write personalized resume which is relevant for analytics opportunities
  • Interview preparation for personal, technical & apptitude rounds
  • Structured guidance on the process of job search & getting interview calls
  • Resume sharing with an extensive pool of analytics placement agencies

Simplify Analytics - Training
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Our Value Proposition

Why We Are Better

They say 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating'. For us it is our student feedback. Our relentless focus on adding real value to our students has always resulted in very high student feedback ratings. Avg Google & Facebook ratings is 5/5
Guaranteed Learning
We have 100% money back policy. If you do not like what we teach we will refend you entire course fees & not charge for any class.
We have a very strict policy on who gets to train in our training programs. WE DO NOT HIRE EXTERNAL TRAINERS. Each faculty is part of Simplify Analytics core team of analytics practioners and they are experts in what they teach. They have all gathered their education from the top colleges of India, US and Australia. They have more than 10+ years of analytics consulting & solution building experience at Fortune 100 companies.
We use real life case study approach using real data. We do not use dummy data or academic data. Our content is hand crafted for both fresher's & working professionals.
We use extensive analogies & imagery to explain difficult concepts easily. We champion the art of simplifying & demystifying analytics to students with no background of statistics and programming.
We leverage our consulting projects in our training programs to give real life exposure to analytics problem solving
Simplify Analytics - Training
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