Retailers are constantly striving to improve decision making

Retailers constantly strive to know their customers and improve communication, they want to effectively manage categories, they want to understand what’s working in a store or they need to measure promotion impact and spend wisely.

Traditional analytics can help, but they are inefficient

Analytics can help, but traditional approaches to deliver analytics are inefficient. Analytics solution building is slow. Solutions are not flexible and difficult to update or re-configure with changing business needs.

Growth in analytics maturity makes it even more challenging

Solutions are built in silos. With growing analytics maturity in the organization number of platforms / tools keeps increasing, manual development and maintainence becomes difficult, expensive, time counsuming and error-prone.

Welcome to our Integrated Analytics Platform for Retail

Plug your data & improve decision making through pre-built analytics modules. Each module solves a specific retail business challenge. They can be easily configured. Each module has dynamic dashboards for easy decision making.

Data Integration, Advanced Analytics & Visualization at one place

Data Integration

Any retailer data can be mapped to our big data ready analytical datamart seamlessly in quick time.

Analytics Engine

The analytics engine comprises of 45 retail business specific modules like customer segmentation, assortment optimization, marketing effectiveness, demand forecasting, etc.

Interactive Dashboards

There are 30+ dashboards on aspects like - loyalty management, category management, data monetization, etc.


Retail Analytics Platform Features


Map your data & start using the analytics modules to generate insights


Modules cover all business aspects. New modules can be added.


Faster build. Customize easily with changing business needs.


Best in class frameworks. Choose from multiple modeling techniques.


Geared for big data. Scale infrasturcture with maturity.


Configure analytics modules without writing any code. No manual error.


Integrated Analytics Platform Demo

View this video to realize how you can leverage the power of our platform to grow your business

Retail Analytics Platform Benefits


Data management, multiple analytics solution, insights & dashboards all accessed from single web application


No large investments. No use of expensive data scientists, tools and platforms like SAS, Alteryx, Tableau, etc.


Our platform gives us the choice of best analytical frameworks. 0 coding environment ensure no logical or casual errors.


The insight layer with personalized views allows the bussiness user to draw & share insights within the same platform, without the help of statisticians or without exporting results in excel.


New modules can be added easily in the integrated platform to solve business problems currently unanswered.


No hardware or software procurement. Accessed through any web browser. Dynamically scale infrastructure up and down.

Our platform provides ready analytics solutions
across all retail challenges

  • Data

    Building a holistic, integrated data management & analytics environment

    Our data management approach places data at the heart of the organization. We bring together traditional data sources & new sources of data using multiple data integration techniques to build analytical data marts. An incremental and flexible approach to systematically leverage existing data and align it with business strategy. ADM lays the foundation for self-service analytic and application based analytics approach to give the business users access to greater analytics capability. We leverage open source ecosystem to jumpstart analytics effort quickly and inexpensively without upfront investments.

  • Customer

    Know your customers, predict their likely behavior, provide personalized advice & realize proactive steps to grow them.

    Our customer analytics solutions provide the necessary foundation for organizations to leverage customer data in meaningful ways. Through multiple advanced analytics modules we help organizations achieve actionable use of customer-related information across the business (including loyalty, marketing, digital commerce, sales and customer support) to enhance the customer experience and make it a key differentiator to increase market share.

  • Category

    Enabling category growth by combining retailer strategy with shopper insight

    Our category management solutions empower business users. They can now easily get answers to all their questions at a click of button. Modules include - Basket Segmentation & Mission, Market basket association, Inter product impact, Measure product performance, Brand share analysis, Assortment optimization & Price Management.

  • Marketing

    Optimally allocate your budget across multiple channels to maximize return on marketing investment

    Our marketing effectiveness module will help you perform all the steps to measure ROI of each marketing spends and simulate scenarios to optimally plan future spends. Multiple algorithms are present within each activity layer to help you build the most accurate marketing mix models.

  • Campaign

    Get started with micro-segmentation led targeted marketing

    Our campaign management module allows you to design targeted marketing plan to drive specific business objectives like - increase revenue, maintain retention, drive acquisition, etc. You can define communication objective & optimal offers across customer lifecycle. Generate campaign lists, track camapign performance & draw insights from campaign dashboard.

  • Store

    Get complete visbility to store performance

    Through our store management modules you can get insights into a variety of areas to help you design an effective store growth strategy. You can see the complete story for each store in a single platform and compare them to realize opportunity for growth. Store management solution comprises of the following modules - Demand forecasting, Store performance, Store clustering, Store cannibalization & New store strategy.