A team
that loves
story telling

Why choose Us

We align analytics initiatives with business metrics to demonstrate ROI. Our approach is incremental leveraging existing data & resources. We embrace open source to reduce cost of ownership. We empower business managers.

Our Mission

Help every organization improve their decision making process and serve their customers better by providing them timely, accurate and actionable insights through the use of cost-effective, open source based, self-service integrated web platform.

What We Do

We help organizations transform their business through analytics consulting, self-service analytics application development and analytics training services.

Jaydeep Chakraborty

An innovator and creator at heart. He has rich experience in building analytical solutions & digital strategy for large organizations. Specialized in business transformation through analytics. Keen to enable businesses to jumpstart to actionable analytics, reduce turnaround time & effectively communicate insights.

Gurkan Sener

Performance-driven analytics leader with accountability for vision, strategic direction and oversight of analytics solutions. As a leader he has earned a reputation for excellence in solution design & execution to maximize clients’ analytics ROI. He has transformed decision making processes for over 40 organizations.


We are a bunch of ambitious guys who share

The passion of building an interesting application
The vision of simplifying analytics delivery and
The enthusiasm of making change happen

Our Team


They have the experience. Their stable head and mature thought process allows them to guide and mentor the team for best solutions.


These sport freaks and natural competitors bring in the real horsepower. Their never ending energy allows them to contribute across multiple areas of analytics solution building.


Building an application overnight comes naturally to them. These true geeks at heart are always busy writing innovative codes to bring to life complex analytics processes.


Coming from top technical institues of the country, problem solving comes naturally to them. Their research & experiments allows us to build solutions with strong statistical and logical foundation.


They bring together domain knowledge & technology understanding to ensure we only deliver top quality solutions for our clients.


They are our visualization experts and they settle for nothing less than best user interface and best visualization to tell complex stories.